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The annual property maintenance fee - a convenient necessity



All holiday homes in Bulgaria come with a corresponding fixed annual maintenance fee. It usually includes the maintenance and cleaning of the common areas - corridors, staircases as well as fees for lighting, elevator, quality care for the landscaping, pool, security.

For the different vacation complexes, the price includes fixed package of services. Usually, it is calculated based on the size of the property you own. For the sea resorts, the fee is between 5 to 20 euros per square meter, as the most expensive ones are applied in the complexes, offering a large number of facilities - swimming pools, spa, sauna, etc.

The maintenance fee is something, the Bulgarians living in the city pay too. However, there are some differences to the ones paid in the resorts for the holiday properties. The maintenance fee Bulgarians living in blocks pay is due not once per year, but every month – payable to the house manager. It includes various components - costs for lighting, cleaning, elevator. It depends on the number of residents inhabiting the apartment. Recent years, gaining popularity are the property management companies taking care for urban real estates. They play the role of housekeeper and undertake repairs, payment of various expenses, collecting and paying taxes for the neighbors and others.

In line with global trends, our country too already hosts several innovative urban buildings of a new type. They offer various services, generally before typical for the luxurious resort complexes. Residential complex "Côte d'Azur" in Burgas is one of them. Here you will find all the amenities previously offered only by the premium vacation properties and even more - restaurants, shops, spa, indoor pool, shopping arcade, car wash, concierge ...

This new type of city based residential complexes adheres to the annual maintenance fee, vacation luxury properties have. By paying, is guaranteed year-round perfect condition of all common areas and other facilities in the complex and the lack of any commitment on your behalf, to the common parts you share with your neighbors. For "Côte d'Azur" the maintenance fee that owners pay per square meter, is lower than the one due for holiday homes. It includes 24 hours live and video security, cleaning and maintenance of common areas, lighting, elevator, landscaping and general high-quality care for all internal infrastructure of the luxury complex.

Common areas of Côte d'Azur wear distinctive sheen of a well-balanced luxury. They are covered in marble and paintings and their merits are highlighted in an unobtrusive way of special lighting.

Côte d'Azur offers class, you will not find in another residential complex in Bulgaria. We are the beginning of a new type of city life - comfortable, spacious, thoughtful, gorgeous but also discreet and ensuring peace and security.

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