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Apartment in Côte d'Azur Residence = investment with lasting val



Côte d'Azur Residence rises on the impressive 22 floors, just a step away from the Sea Garden in Burgas. The luxurious, 179 finished to "turn-key" stage apartments, include studios, one, two or three bedroom apartments and are almost completely sold out. The quick realization of the object is due to the uniqueness of the building, which offers a combination of luxury high-quality housing, complemented by additional hotel-type services, situated on place in Côte d'Azur Residence. Among them are the becoming more and more common Concierge service available to the owners 24/7, swimming pool, restaurants, shops, spa, car wash in the underground three-level parking and others.

Another reason for the high demand and the large number of sales is the high investment value of the project. Côte d'Azur Residence, due to its uniqueness to our latitudes, proves to be an excellent investment, with lasting value. Buying a home here is prestige, comfort, profitable investment.

Côte d'Azur Residence promises style and quality, aesthetics and class living. From the lobby with a reception at the entrance, to the cinema hall on the first floor all the way up to the 22nd floor. The common areas are planned as a kind of a gallery filled with paintings, bold amid marble and stylish plasters.

The residence is just a step away from the most favorite place for recreation and walks of the citizens of Burgas - the Sea Garden. Safe crossing of the busy boulevard dividing the building from the garden is a walkway that passes over the traffic - and is decorated in the style of Côte d'Azur.

Côte d'Azur Residence is class, style, comfort, investment with lasting value. Such buildings, offering additional services on site, have a long ago been bought by smart investors in major cities in Western Europe and overseas. The Burgas Residence presents this new type of luxury living in Bulgaria, on the beach side. If you're still unsure where to invest money or which is the home with constant value, call us. We will show you the future. 

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