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High ceilings add luxury and space to each property



Space - one of the main things we look for when choosing a property. A combination of living room, kitchen, bedrooms for us and the children... square meters and number of rooms, however, are far not the only factors for defining the "size" of a property. The third dimension, which adds a solid feeling of luxury is namely the high ceiling.

That feeling of freedom, infinity, and multiplied volume when you enter a room with walls much higher than the commonly accepted standards.

Believe it or not, the high ceiling is a guarantee for better thinking. This conclusion was reached by scientists from the University of Toronto, Canada. Their study found that levels of brain activity are higher when the study group was watching footage of rooms with high ceilings. Such premises stimulate visual adventure and willingness to study the environment.
On the other hand, a group of marketing experts also initiated a study, the results from which showed that the high ceiling is useful. In their case, it was proven to stimulate creativity. Therefore they concluded that the office spaces where creative teams work should have high ceilings.

The high ceiling also means luxury. During different times and ages, it has always been a privilege of wealthy people of higher financial status and of noble decent.

High ceilings are a symbol to us - a symbol of freedom, space, infinity, class, a new lifestyle. So we chose them for our Côte d'Azur - an innovative building of new generation, with panoramic views of the Sea Garden of Bourgas. Turnkey studios and apartments with one, two or three bedrooms awaiting their owners. A swimming pool, SPA center, restaurant, security, concierge and many other amenities and services are at owners' disposal. Côte d'Azur stands for discreet luxury, security, freedom with the sensation of sea and luxury.

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