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The best investment is in exclusive real estate



The interest on term deposits in Bulgaria crashed. For most, if not all banks, they are currently at a maximum of 2%. From my perspective, this undermines the closure of my funds in a bank, which operates with them and I get - almost nothing. Especially after I pay to the state 8% of the interest on my deposit.

Where to invest? The answer is one - exclusive property that will regardless of market turbulence, always carry its value. What makes such properties special is a set of characteristics - location, enduring quality and maintenance, available on-site class additional services.

The real estate on the market are numerous and various - houses, villas, plots, apartments; new construction or old one. How to make a proper choice? Look for the exclusive real estate. Those are the ones, which are different from the mass and have constant, sustainable value. They are the ones that will always have their price.

Exclusive properties are built in excellent location, which usually combines several key searches of high-end customers - they are in the city center, but at the same time near the sea or mountains. Close surrounding buildings are not desirable. The views from the property are not to be underestimated too. The quality of the property itself and the general infrastructure of the building we will not comment - it is implied. Exclusive properties bring together a wide range of additional type "hotel" services - spa, sauna, pool, gym, restaurant(s), shop(s) dry cleaning. Parking is provided. Finally yet importantly - the exclusive properties have external maintenance and management company. This ensures consistently flawless common areas and additional services. The only luxurious project of this type in Burgas, is Côte d'Azur residence - an exclusive luxury comfortable haven, complete with a range of additional services. The project was built for sustainable investment with lasting value. It is only of its kind for the city and its surroundings.

Investments in exclusive properties are safe and sustainable. They are always worth it, especially considering the low interest rates on deposits in banks. So - choose wisely - the truly exclusive luxury real estate are rare and sold out very quickly.

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