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Burgas will have a modern new squash center





The best city to live in Bulgaria - Burgas, deserves the best. In this vein, the creators of the phenomenal for the architectural and lifestyle scene Residence Côte d'Azur, decided for the innovative marine building to include squash courts.

 Squash is a sport with a long history. It originated in England in 1830 at Harrow School, as a sport played with a racket and squeezable ball, as the ball does not pass over a net to the opponent but is hit against a wall. Gradually, the sport was transferred to other schools, then went beyond them and gained international popularity.

The game is played by two opponents or four players, divided into pairs. The rackets used are similar to the ones used in tennis. The ball is soft, made from rubber and marked with colored dots, indicating the level of its dynamics. In squash, all surfaces are important - the walls and floor marked with color lines, according to certain rules. The wall behind the players today is transparent and there is the place for the audience. Opponents share the same play field. Maximum number of games is five. The results are reported in different ways - depending on whether they are scored according to English, American or Point-a-rally (PARS) system.

 Squash is an interesting sport with traditions, which is definitely worth a try. It is just one of the ways to take care of your health Côte d'Azur offers. Here you will find too a fitness and a very high level, SPA, indoor pool.

 Côte d'Azur Residence offers class and quality. This is not just an apartment building, but a completely new type of living. Comfort, secured and combined with a stable portfolio of additional services available on site - this is Côte d'Azur - the future of architecture and residential buildings. The Residence is an outstanding standard not only for Burgas, but for Bulgaria. The squash court, all property owners, citizens and guests of the city are invited to use, is just another unique diamond in the crown of the most comfortable residential building, where the most important is you.

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