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What is concierge and why every 5-star hotel needs it?



Concierge - a foreign word, with unclear to many people, meaning. Actually, for its origin argue Latin - conservus "fellow slave", medieval Latin consergius and Old French cumcerges. The meaning of concierge is covered too by a position popular in the Spanish-speaking world as "portero".

The concierge has a long history. In the Middle Ages, he was a royal high official, responsible for the justice, along with the bailiffs. In XVIII century, the concierge is again a high official of the crown, but this time he is charged with the maintenance of order and overseeing the police and prisoners records. Some French authors argue that concierge was responsible for maintaining the lighting in medieval palaces (FR. comte des cierges "count of candles").

Parisian concierge of the XX century already performs functions closer to his contemporary. He had a small apartment on the ground floor of a building and monitored all goings and comings. He was responsible for other things - collect the mail of the absent property owners, had spare keys to react in emergencies, provide different information to residents of the building, controlled the access, cared for applying of the general rules, mediates in the communication between the owners of properties and the management of the building.

Most often today, the concierge is associated with various hotels and resorts. He is the man with the information and contacts. You can ask for the hottest nightclubs. Of course, you can ask him to make a reservation for you there - as well as for various restaurants and events. He takes care for arranging your transportation too - according to a route and parameters provided by you. He coordinates various logistics services. Provides tickets for popular events. Why not a travel tour to some tourist sites? He collects shipments and takes care you get them as quickly as possible.

In 1952 in Great Britain was formed the Society of the Golden Keys. Concierges of the best hotels in the lands of Her Majesty the Queen of England, united in the name of providing more quality services to the guests. Their symbol is now recognizable worldwide - golden key pin on the lapel, which is not easy acquiring because of the high requirements for membership.

Concierge is a service that saves time and effort and therefore is becoming more and more popular worldwide. There are now a great number of concierge companies, which offer to do what not for you. They do operate in a wide range of countries and work with a huge number of counterparties thanks to which they deliver a variety of quality services.

Due to the ever-expanding range of concierge services, the branch is segmented. There are offered private aviation services - providing exclusive access to a full range of aircrafts positioned around the world, with an option for cost-effective solutions tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

Another type is the medical concierge. He performs similar functions to the hotel one, but to the patients and staff. This especially helps employees with long shifts.

Corporate Concierge is also becoming more common. In general, he cares for planning and coordinating business activities tied to customers, contractors, and employees. This includes anything - from catering for meetings of the board of directors to vacations for employees, benefits programs for the staff, customer loyalty programs, concierge-at-home for the employees, virtual assistant ... Whatever your company needs, large concierge companies will deliver it. Including they care for your partners and most importantly - your employees - improve working conditions, care for the people in order for them to feel great and to put 110% of themselves in your business. In other words - they stimulate the productivity of the staff.

Concierge companies, however, take care for your entertainment too. They help you get an invitation for exclusive event or organize your own one.

Available is too a lifestyle management - personal care for you, which aims to facilitate and enrich your life. First, the client goes through an interview, which clears and sets his short-term and long-term goals and lifestyle. Then a specific plan is elaborated - sort of a road map to lead the client in his new fuller life.

Procurement services - the concierge does take care to supply you with everything - from rare commodities that you have only heard of, to specified business contacts.

The concierge - personal assistant works with a particular customer. He enters his style of work and current projects. He helps, replaces, facilitates. Furthermore, he is aware of accounting, administrative services, management of websites, sales and marketing, customer service.

The unique concierge services are reserved territory for the best concierge companies. Here is included Beyonce's performance on your next birthday, your vacation on a private island and a balloon flight over the Amazon.

The concierge is a global service, which conquers more and more new territories. He gives access to information and contacts and saves time. He is an indispensable assistant in every class property, always available to the privileged owners. So we chose for Côte d'Azur Residence in Burgas to have one. Because the most important for us is you - our VIP owners.

Côte d'Azur Residence is a residential building of a new type and quality, with added services and value, created with thought for your comfort and investment with lasting value.

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