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Why Côte d'Azur Residence is the most valuable project in Burgas



Before proceeding to action, а thought is needed first. At least such is the meaning behind the saying "Look before you leap". (In Bulgarian it sounds like "Measure three times, cut once.") This is especially true when it comes to real estate. There are a lot of construction companies and investors. Important, however, is the project. Where it will be and under what conditions.

Identical buildings with similar design and distribution are to be found all around. How many are the different projects in which it is embedded real creativity and thought for those who will make these dwellings their homes? Will they feel comfortable? What facilities will be there at their disposal? Will they have to deal with reconstruction? And what about the finishing works? And the common areas? Who will take care of them? Will there be a close parking? Lately, this is a serious problem in Burgas. And the view? Will it be to the next block of flats? And are there nearby any stores?

In creating Côte d'Azur Residence we asked ourselves all these questions. We thought of the person, who's going to come to live here. We put ourselves in his/ hers place. We added one, removed another, changed, altered, discussed, created. In the end, we reached a functional utmost project that is person-centered. In Côte d'Azur Residence, what's  important is you. Your needs, your peace, your warm atmosphere, comfort, view.

We placed the building steps away from the Sea Garden of Burgas. This automatically brought a number of advantages. First - the beach and the Sea Garden are one boulevard away. Safe crossing is ensured by a covered walkway passing over the thoroughfare. Second - the view - it is panoramic and gorgeous. In addition to the sea, it reaches Atanasovsko and Vaya lakes too. Blue is guaranteed all year round from the heights of the 22-story building.

All residential units - studios, one, two or three bedroom apartments are very well thought out - in view of your convenience. Besides distribution and wonderful views, they are finished to turn-key stage. This automatically eliminates the need for unpleasant finishing works, generating too much noise, dirt, time and nerves. There is no need to mention, the materials invested in the construction, are of excellent and the highest possible quality. The furniture, however, we leave to you. Here is a chance to express yourself through your home.

Common areas are covered in marble, moquette, paint and wallpapers. Light is everywhere. Paintings grab attention and leave a feeling of comfort, style and home - and not of impersonal, cold, doubtful clean corridor of a building.

So far, typical features of a class building end. Because most good buildings offer all the above mentioned. Well, excluding the luxurious common areas, but with flawless ones plus well-thught residential units. We, however, decided to add all the extras of hotels and closed complexes to Côte d'Azur Residence. Then we added more. Because you deserve. And we already mentioned that you are in the center of the project, right?

The owners and guests of the Côte d'Azur Residence have at their disposal:
- 20-meter long indoor pool
- Commercial area with shops
- 24/7 Security and maintenance
- Panoramic Spa
- Fitness center
- Panoramic restaurant with terrace
- Reception and lobby bar
- Conference hall
- Kid's corner
- Movie theater
- Car wash and underground parking on three levels
- Dry cleaning

- Airport transfer for up to 4 people with a private limousine

For everything else, ask the concierge. It is available to all owners around the clock and takes care of your convenience - from providing the morning press to calling to reserve a car service for your vehicle, the Concierge is there for you.

Côte d'Azur Residence is a new type of building, which combines luxury and comfort and is an excellent investment. The properties here are of lasting value, because their quality is constant. Select your home in Côte d'Azur. It is created for you and your convenience. And besides - it is a very good investment. Come and see for yourself!

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