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The magic is in the details!



Of course, quality materials and execution matter when it comes to housing and not only, construction. Magic, however, is in the details!

You have chosen your country and the location where you want to live. You are at a turning point - which building to pick? You think about the key factors - location, quality of construction, materials, degree of completion, near important locations for you - office, park, schools and kindergartens; parking spots; opportunities for entertainment and accessibility; maintenance fee; environment; view from the home; Investment value. Do not forget however, to take closer look to the details!

The details are all those little, well thought miracles that turn the building into magic. They are the additional style and comfort that transmit to each building its own character and typical features.

The details are of every kind and nature. They are added beauty. They are aesthetics and comfort. Fine details that make a place even more valuable.

Details are, for example, the paintings hung in the common areas, of a one, supposed to be like-all-others building. At them, is directed discreet lighting that attracts the eyes in the dark parts of the day. The "ordinary" corridors and stairs are covered with marble - beautiful, exquisite natural creation. Soft carpet here - there smothers the steps of the inhabitants.

The details are in the thought for comfort - in the pools, restaurants, shops available on place; in the car wash adjacent to the underground parking on three levels; in the concierge who is available to the owners around the clock and cares for a wide range of services - from providing the morning press to arranging repairs for the car.

The details are the high ceilings; the generous view to the Black Sea, the green sea garden, lakes Vaya and Atanasovsko.

The details are the luxury finishing works to "turnkey" stage - flooring, paint, plaster, tiles.

The details are all those little things that are of have huge importance and form the whole picture - of a building belonging to a new generation. Building created for you and your comfort. Building, which is the perfect combination of home and investment. Burgas' Côte d'Azur is such a magic building. And the magic - is in the details.

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