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The perfect property combines quality, location and value



Everyone wants to live comfortably. Everyone has their different vision about what comfortable is and includes. One wants a house, another - apartment, third one - artistic studio. Depending on our life situation and status we do choose our own, or together with the spouse / family / relatives / friends, place that we will inhabit and proudly call "home". Unfortunately, the reality in Bulgaria is that most houses are situated in villages. In big cities, it is difficult to find a property with a garden. If you insist on staying in the city and want a property, then get ready for viewing mainly apartments.

We do not mention the obligatory excellent quality materials the property has to be build from, by skilled builders. If the apartment is complete to "turnkey" stage - even better, you will not have to deal yourself with all finishing works, but just to select appropriate furnishing. Similar homes for years are available in the resorts, and more recently - in many cities too. They are characterized by skillful placement of rooms, wiring hidden in the walls and quality construction and finishing materials.

Another major factor that we should not underestimate, is the location of the property. It is good if there are no other buildings in immediate proximity, if it is not noisy and there is a parking. A close park for walks amongst greenery and nature is a plus too.

If to all of the above, you add a solid dose of interior and exterior beauty, amenities - pool, spa, shops, car wash, concierge, common areas covered in marble and paintings, quite acceptable annual maintenance tax, lower than the usual for holiday homes, you will receive a match for your search called Côte d 'Azur. The Burgas luxury residence offers a new type of city life, expanded on 22 floors. One-, two- and three bedroom apartments and studios quickly find their owners and become a home. The panoramic view of sea and lake gives the finishing touches to the atmosphere. The Burgas sea garden is just a step away.

Côte d'Azur offers the well thought out luxury of the quality buildings of the world's biggest cities, brought in the quiet vicinity of the greenery and the sea, a step away from the center of Burgas and yet in the peaceful periphery. You deserve it.

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