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Wherever you are in the world, whatever fills your daily life, home is the place you always come back to. How important is the atmosphere of the home we do inhabit? Rhetorical question. Entire libraries are written on the topic. They give theories on the power of colors - how to paint your house, the furniture ... There are even tips on how to care for the live plants in your home and what kind they preferably has to be. Not to mention feng shui - the ancient Chinese art of harmonizing the energies at home.

Since ancient times, after the people came out the caves, home is the place we inhabit and strive to furnish and decorate according to our available resources and needs. Amid today's reality, the options we can choose from, border upon plus infinity. As the Americans say, the sky is the limit. Rustic, eclectic, Art Deco, minimalist style ... Your choice.

Whatever you choose for your home - do not forget the power of the view. The windows are the eyes of the home. Their function is to provide enough light in the home. However, at the same time they do allow the outside world inside. In this vein, it is important what your windows let inside your home. Beautiful view requires beautiful things around the property. Usually they include nature - green, blue, beautiful струцтурес, sufficient distance from the other buildings.

Beautiful view has always brought added value to the property - in every sense. When it combines sea, two lakes, bright green and boundless spaces, we talk about prestige. This is exactly what the Burgas residence Côte d'Azur offers, combined with discreet luxury and exclusive package of 5-star services. Panoramic views towards Vaya and Atanasovsko lakes, the sea garden, dressed in green in all seasons and its Majesty - the sea - could there be a better view?

A hard day. Fast-paced, rough. You overcome all. You are at home. Shoes laying close to the front door. Handbag - the same. Comfortable armchair. Glass of wine in hand. Your eyes sink into the surroundings. And they are - blue, green to the horizon and beyond. Fatigue slowly drains and gives place of quiet satisfaction.

Yes, nice view definitely matters.

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