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The extra benefits of the residential complexes providing additi



It is a tradition for the Bulgarians to have their own property - a house, apartment, villa, or why not several ones? For us it was always being important to have our own place. Not a rented home, but ours on paper. Here our thinking is quite different from that of the Americans and many Europeans, which for example, migrate from one place to another without experiencing special sentiments. Otherwise, however, is the situation with the abroad properties, people choose for a second, holiday home and escape place from the hectic everyday life in their own countries. Second homes abroad, are usually part of residential complexes, which are located in a favorite geographical location, but also offer a number of special services.

One of the most common ones is the property management service. In general, it includes rental of the property for the periods during which the owner is not staying in. Quality residential complexes take care of the security, cleanliness, timely payment of different taxes and bills and in general, any necessary maintenance.

Such complexes, by default, always have flawless common areas and landscaping. On site there are various facilities available - lobby bar, restaurant(s), SPA, swimming pool, gym, sauna, children's playground, supermarket, conference hall, mandatory 24h security. The best complexes, however, offer custom additions that you could not find elsewhere - for example cinema available to the owners; on-site car wash, conveniently located in the underground parking of the building, various sports facilities and others.

Additional on-site services finish the range of necessary facilities and ensure always pleasant and varied experience. Furthermore, additional high quality services save a valuable resource - time. Time that you could have lost in search of the necessity you need, elsewhere, time you could do more useful things in.

In many countries, demanded, popular and somewhat standardized is the "concierge" service. The concierge is the person who can assist in many ways to the property owners in the building. From a reservation in various restaurants to a skilled worker hire or pet care - the concierge is here for you.

For us the people matter. Therefore, we included all the above-mentioned additional value services in the perfect whole, our residence Côte d'Azur represents. Burgas city, step away from the beach, great views all around, invariably high quality in every detail. 22-storey, studios, one-, two- or three bedroom apartments, plus five-star amenities on place - Côte d'Azur is an investment in the future.

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